Benefit, Charity & Fundraising

 We  conduct many benefit & charity auctions for organizations ranging from churches,  schools, clubs, sports / arts, illness awareness to fundraising for  individuals. 

Real Estate

Looking to turn your real estate holdings  into cash? I’m a part of Business Development at John Dixon &  Associate, a national real estate auction marketing company located in  Metro Atlanta. We make it possible for institutions and individuals  alike throughout the country to sell such assets, having performed  thousands of successful auctions across the nation via live, online,  simulcast, and sealed bid auctions.

"Stand In" Services

As a fully-experienced auctioneer my job is  to help solve last-minute cancellation due to overbooking or health  problems for established companies and young businesses. These services  include but are not limited to bid calling, cataloguing, cashiering,  clerking, running online bid platforms, and being a ringmen.